I have a Dell Dimension XPSB1000 Pentium Processor III at 1GHz. 45 GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive. 8x/4x/32x CD-RW, 32MB DDR nVida GeForce 2 GTS 4x APG Graphics Card. 128MB RDRAM Dell Edition for ME which i took out and put xp and functions normal. And thats the basic concepts of it. Today I looked inside and saw a lot of dust. So i took a blowdryer put it on cool and blew it out did not damage or burn anywires. So i put the computer back on and it restarts 2 times in a row. Then a message appears and it Says New Hardware. So after finally getting it to stop restarting i click on my name and after about 1min it freezes. I try it again it freezes. Why does this happen? It was working perfect yesterday. Nothing like this happened yesterday just started happening today.