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Thread: damn dog ate my phone

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    damn dog ate my phone

    Well, not the whole thing at least.

    My fault entirely but still pissed.

    Got off work last night about an hour before it got dark. Grabbed a beer and hopped on the riding mower. Had several more before it got dark. Left the phone out on the picnic table.

    Let the dogs out this morning and went back to bed. Went out a couple hours later to find the phone laying there with some big dents all over it and missing the antenna cover. now it just has a wire sticking out the top

    Still works fine but between chewing the phone, grabbing a $60 tub of dog supplements and spilling it all over the living room rug, then crapping on said rug, one of the dogs has fallen from grace for the day!

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    Uh oh!

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    just wait until you grt your phone bill

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

    sometimes you have to think outside the box to get inside the box .

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    Poor dog was prolly starving for some communication with his owner. You know what bored dogs get up to.

    Rant......... 4.5 / 10
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    Looks like someone has lost their phone privileges and are in the doghouse for the day eh Humboldt.



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