I just brought a linksys wmp54gs nic
and a linksys wrt54gs wireless router.

I used the cd that came with the router to set up a network
(ran it from my desktop).

my laptop connects to wireless no problem

used the install cd from nic(and actually followed the instructions), cannot connect.
uninstalled linksys software
tried to config nic in win xp home, still no good.

removed the device again(from device mgr and took out the card as per linksys instruction)
re-ran linksys software, re inserted the nic, let linksys wizard finish it's setup
(does that automatically after reboot)

Windows says the device is working properly,
linksys software says the device is working properly.

When I try to connect it to my network, it can't find any networks(yes I attached the antenna).
(there's 3 wireless nets in addition to mine that the laptop sees)

I need the wireless in the desktop, since there's no
cable in the room where the PC lives.

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.