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Thread: Poor ping and surf speeds but good download speeds

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    Poor ping and surf speeds but good download speeds

    Hey guys, no idea if you can help me but its begining to frustrate me greatly!

    In my new house, I'm on the ADSL Max package geting a pitiful 2mb (just). At my previous address I was on Pipex Solo 1mb. I was geting very good pings at my old place, ranging from 30-80ms on average.

    Since I've had ADSL Max (Pipex Max) I've noticed the following:

    - Slow/laggy surf speeds
    - Poor ping in World of Warcraft (like anything from 100ms to 500ms)

    However I seem to get a pretty decent download speed of 150-170kb/s.

    Nothing has changed really, from my old home address other then me changing MTU settings and optimizing my connection.

    Is there any particular reason why I am geting such poor in game ping and surf speeds!? Can anyone make any suggestions? I want to get the ping sorted as its causing me major grief with long lags in World of Warcraft

    I'm running Windows XP 64bit for reference.

    Thanks in advance.


    I've just had a thought. I noticed yesterday my LAN IP address had changed. I'd previously had it setup to forward the ports that WoW needs for the old LAN IP address. They are not setup on the new LAN IP address.

    Could this be the ping problem with WoW?
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    either your not provisioned correctly for the modem to read the new connection or could be the server your connecting to for WoW causing the issue and even a Hop between you and that server causing issues creating high pings and screwed up latency.

    Make a phone call to tech support first see what they see on there end.


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