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Thread: Connecting wireless router to broadband modem

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    Connecting wireless router to broadband modem


    I am having problems connecting a wireless router to my adsl modem. The adsl modem is a:

    ZTE ZXDSL831

    This was provided by my provider (BTK - the bulgarian state telekoms company).

    This works fine as such. I can connect either my latptop (using the network card) or my PC to the modem and both can see the internet. I bought a wireless router:

    TP-LINK 54M (Model nr: TL-WR542G)

    However, if I now connect the modem to the WLAN port of the wireless router and hook my laptop wireless up to the router I can't see the internet. I can see the router ands configure it. But I am not sure if I need to configure anything extra. I though it would just work. Obviously not.

    I tried to follow these suggestions:

    But I couldn't get that to work either (effectively turning the router into an access point).

    Note that I have no access to the modem in that I can connect to it, but I can't login in to it). I am wondering whether the provider is somehow preventing me from using a router in the first place (the package is meant to be for one pc only), but I didn't think this was possible. The other packages offer a fixed IP which I don't need (or maybe I do for the router to work - I don't know!).

    I am generally quite knowledgeable with computers, but networking is my strength.

    Any help would be very welcome.


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    How do you establish a connection?

    Don't know too much about BTK, (BTK - the bulgarian state telekoms company), I thgouht it stood for something entirely different.
    However, if they use PPPoE as a method of connecting to the internet, then that would create the probelm you have described. A lot of DSL providers tend to provide software with their modems, and this software sometimes stores your userid and password in your PC. Then, when you try and conect to the internet, it uses this authentication to create the connection. This is usually done "behind the scenes" so you don't even think that you are authenticating. A local DSL provider here uses PPPoE, and we always have people with this problem. Your router, although it supports PPPoE more than likely, will default to just a DHCP client for your ISP. That is a simple change in the router configuration, if you know your userid and password.
    If your ISP doesn't use PPPoE, then obvioulsy disregard this post.

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    Googling shows the modem with the capability of also working as a router.
    You don't want that. It appears you can log into the modem by username and password both ZXDSL. Disable DHCP if given a choice
    Ensure it's not functioning as a router.
    You will need to ensure your login ID and password is enabled and PPPoE is set up. BTC is ADSL.
    Then log into the router (by wire) and set it at the same range as the modem, ie set the IP at Enable DHCP You don't want DHCP to be enabled on both the modem and the router.
    You may need to shut down the router and the modem. Then fire up the modem, let the lights stop flickering, then start up the router and wait for the lights to settle down. You should be on the Internet once the computer picks up an IP. You might have to reboot the computer.
    You can then go back into the router to enable wireless and change various settings to suit.

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