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Thread: Mountain Bike School

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    Mountain Bike School

    I finally got to attend my mountain bike training. It was a 4 day school, which was held here in Auburn. Learned alot about riding a bike and luckily only fell once. Of course that was thanks to my partner, lol. We were dismounting after riding three laps around a building as hard as we could. As I got off my bike my legs went jelly and I started to fall. I caught myself, but as I started forward again, his bike clipped my leg and I went prone. I couldn't get back up and had to crawl 10 yards to my barricade and engage a target. Fortunately I got in 3 out of 5 shots, lying on the ground and shooting one handed. That was all from 15 yards out. Rest of the course consisted of training rides, dismounts, braking techniques, power slides, etc. I can't wait to get my uniforms and started riding everyday, gonna be a nice switch from routine patrol.

    This is a general breakdown of the course we took. I took it from the LEBA

    Class A Course
    Class A certification will only be granted if a minimum of 32-hours, or four consecutive days of mountain bike training covering the following areas of instruction are given, and the student successfully passes a written and practical examination on these areas. Cardiovascular fitness for the police officer including target heart rate.

    Nutrition for the mountain bike officer.
    Saddle, knee, hand, and foot injuries.


    Slow speed balance drills.

    Hypothermia and dehydration.

    Effective Cycling video and lecture.

    Training rides. (minimum of four)

    Accident prevention for the mountain bike officer.

    Safety equipment, uniforms, and accessories.

    Proper bicycle fit.

    Emergency braking.

    Gears and cadence.

    Police technical skills: Cross-over Drills©, Cross-Over Exit©, Cross-Over Take-down©, Powerslide Exit©, Push off Cross-Over©, Kickstand Exit©, and Look over Drill©.

    LEBA Tactical Firearms Training Course. (LEBATFTC)©

    LEBA written examination consisting of 25 questions minimum.

    Students must pass the written examination by a score of 80%. Practical exercises must be successfully performed and passed to the satisfaction of the Instructor(s) teaching the course. Students must: be able to successfully "Exit" the mountain bike safely and quickly, be able to demonstrate a full emergency braking using the front brake only, the rear brake only, and both brakes, demonstrate a safe and quick simulated arrest of a suspect on foot, and complete training rides using effective cycling techniques to pass this course.
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    That'll be a good workout everdyday.

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    So that was the type of bike I posted in your last thread on this. WTG Russell.


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    Yeah, that looks like a good one. I'm seriously thinking of buying my own and letting them put the lights and such on it. I have a city issued bike (a trek like the one in the picture), but I kinda broke it during the school. I stripped out the crank, where the pedal screws in, doing power slides. Also I bent the back rim, either riding up stairs or crossing curbs.
    Looking for work............

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