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Thread: Windows XP dual boot Fedora 5 Linux grub or boot.ini which do you prefer?

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    Windows XP dual boot Fedora 5 Linux grub or boot.ini which do you prefer?

    Hi I have to questions for all the l33t peeps out there. I'm new to Linux and I would rather config my boot ini to be dual boot menu then grub because Grub always makes Linux default or I just don't know which peramiters to change in Grub.conf to stop the time out section and simply just bring up the grub menu for systems to boot. So if anyone knows which peramiters to delete from grub.conf to take out the time out default setting or just make MXP the default boot. Or if I could take back the MBR to MXP and just boot staraight from the boot.ini. If anyone has any answers to either of those questions I'd appriciate it. THANKS

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    Best to use GRUB.
    You can change the order of op sys to boot in GRUB by editing:
    (On fedora the file might be called grub.conf)
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