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Thread: This Is Gonna Sound Crazy, and I Swear I'm Not Drunk ...

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    Question This Is Gonna Sound Crazy, and I Swear I'm Not Drunk ...

    I know this is going to sound crazy - but every once in a while when I open my browser (IE 5.5), the resolution on the web pages looks like it has changed. I kepp my resolution on my system at 1024x768, yet sometimes when I go online, it looks like 640x480. Sometimes I even have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of a page where there wasn't one there before ... I go back to the desktop, or open a word doc and everything is still the 1024x768 resolution (smaller). What Gives? (and how do I fix it ?)

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    Sounds more like crack than alchohol...LOL j/k

    It may be the text size that is changing and not the res. What size is the text set at?

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    Thanx for the reply!
    OK, now I'm going from crazy to just plain dumb - how do you check the text size? I've looked all around and can't find it ... it's probably just under my nose :-)
    (you know this could be like- flashbacks or something - haha)

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    In I.E. goto View > Text Size > default is medium I believe.

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    Thanx Guys!
    The view/text size did it. I wonder how that could change by itself? Oh well... thanx for helping the brain-challenged ... LOL

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    If you have a scroll mouse, and you hold down the control key and scroll, you will change the font size in IE.

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    Mr. Ballz; Go to Control Panel > Display > Settings Tab, set color to 24 or 32 bit. Then go to General Tab, set to small fonts, also, make sure the box to show settings on taskbar is checked and make sure box to apply changes w/o restarting is checked.

    Then click on Adapter Tab, set to Optimal, Then click on the Change button and update Driver.

    Check the other Tabs to see if they are right.

    Reboot. You should be OK now. Can check Display settings anytime by right click on settings Icon.

    Also, you can get a small prog that will help you with a LOT of display settings called; 1st QuickRes Light 1.6b from

    If not enough, then post more info about your puter. Vid card, OS, etc.


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