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Thread: Why are the mentally challenged so physically strong?

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    Why are the mentally challenged so physically strong?

    We were at the fair this past weekend and I was waiting in line with my little girl for the kids motorcycle ride. All of a sudden I feel my leg being pull out from under me. I look down and see a 3 year old boy (mentally handicapped) throwing me out of the way so he can be first in line. He was strong as h ell. His mom had this harness with a leash on him and she could not hold him back. Where does that strength come from? I googled it but couldnt find anything. Your thoughts.
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    Maybe they arent mentally challenged, maybe they are caveman babies that are unevolved and have caveman strength.

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    Dunno but my aunt is retarded and she used to throw my uncle around like nothin' .....She got out of control when someone gave her some beers and she tried to fight with my grandfather It wasn't pretty.

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    It just shows that people with normal mental capacity are holding themselves back in the interests of societal decorum.

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    Hi chimdogger

    Like Burke stated, i too believe that they lack any parameters which relate to withholding themselves so they might not injure someone or themselves, so they let it all hang out. They don't relate the same as people that do not suffer their problem.



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    I've seen several instances where I've wondered that. Several years ago when I was working at the seaport museum...once a week they'd have this group called the Seabirds or's a group that takes a small busload around to help out with some labor jobs..they get paid 'n stuff. they were walking down the sidewalk, one of the guys (late teens, or early twenties)...started bugging out...get really wound up about something..picked up a park bench..the type with cast iron ends on it, and hurled that thing through the air. I put the bench back. It wasn't light.

    Dunno...something that lets their adrenaline really flow?
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    we all posess enormous strength but our brains tell us that the pressure we exurt on our bodies will cause damage if we continue. I think with the mentally challenged, that process does not work as well so they go beyond that threshold more easily than we do.

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