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Thread: my computer also freezes

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    Question my computer also freezes

    with games & streaming video Real Player especially. When I sometimes manage to shut down with start menu, message says program still running please click end task. Asus super7, AMD 400, 128mb. Maybe not enough memory or too slow. Thanks.

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    You're going to have to say a lot more then that. What's in your computer, what programs are freezing, etc... etc...

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    Try freeing-up some resources thru msconfig > startup. You may have too much going on in background. 128Mb RAM/400Mhz shouldn't be a prob.
    Seems 'something' is using your RAM.
    Check vcache settings [32768 for min & maxfile both,for 128Mb], Windows may be wasting time resizing cache.

    Try Speedguide's Performance tips page to optimize your cache, settings, get patches, etc. [be sure to print-out the manual settings] and defrag first.


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