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Thread: Defrag doesnt fully 'defrag'?

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    Defrag doesnt fully 'defrag'?

    Hi Guys,

    Recently my defrag of C drive has not been finishing cleanly. Lately it says

    Files that cannot be defragmented and points to the following

    \Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\Rar$EX00.547\

    This is a huge file at 3.86GB

    Question is what is it??? Can I delete this file or should i keep it or is it dangerous or what?

    It never used to come up with this in the past?

    Thanks guys,


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    Not sure about the file, but it is in a temp folder so it should be safe to get rid of.

    Do you have at least 4 gigs free on that drive? If not it may not have the space to defrag it.

    And as far as it being dangerous, do you have a virus scanner?

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    My guess is that file is either corrupted or active.

    A temp file of that size would be alarming to me..I'd want a good antivirus scan.

    Often better off running defrag in safe mode also.
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    try a defrag utitlity such as Power Defrag.

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    The temp dir Rar$EX00xxx is used by a packet sniffing program called wpe pro, usually used in games to grab cheats, etc, but also used maliciously. Any file or dir in the temp dir can be safely deleted.

    Best to do this:
    1. open a command prompt
    2. paste this line into it:
    RD /S/q "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\"
    3. open task manager & end process for explorer.exe
    4. move focus to command window & press enter key
    5. after the Temp dir is removed type this:
    MD "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\"
    6. close command window
    7. use task manager > file menu >new task run: explorer.exe

    This will safely remove the entire temp dir & all contents, thyen create a new temp dir.

    reboot in safe mode & defrag...
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