I am trying to use my home computer to be able to access my work computer. I am able to set up small office network using MS package and am able to access one computer's desktop through another computer in the same network. However, my home computer is not in the same small office network. Could you please tell me what is the easiest way for me to connect to my computer at work so that not only I am able to access the shared files, but also so that I'm able to access the desktop and use it just like MS Remote Desktop feature. I read a lot about VPNs, and I'm totally confused now. Do I need it? Is there a way to do it with microsoft without using their Server 2003? If not, which is easier to setup, MS Server or something like OpenVPN?

Another question: when I go to college or to work sometime I realized that I have forgotten a file at home. What is the best way to set up my home computer so that I can access it from anywhere in the world and use it just as if I were seating in front of it? Must I use VPN again?

I am not sure if my post is in the proper place. If it is not, please recommend me the best division or even another forum where I can post. I would really appreciate even the smallest guidance you could fgive me (or even a link to a well written guide that can help me). Thank you.