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Thread: Connecting a netword, i'm stuck. help!

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    Connecting a netword, i'm stuck. help!

    ok guys, I've connected the network and everything is working fine, except now i'm having with one of the computers that is connected directly to the modem. I'm unable to use the printer.
    I did not change of the old settings (when there was no modem, just connected directly to the switch).
    i could access the printer settings from the browser, but printing fails and i cannot print.
    any ideas?
    and please... if you still have time, i still want to know he answers of my last post.

    thanks again


    hello everyone...
    I'm trying to wire my home network, and i'm kinda lost a little bit and have somethings not clear.
    please keep in mind i already have a functioning wired network, but its connected to a Windows PC that shares the internet.

    Right now I got a new modem (with router).
    D-Link DSL-524T
    I'm trying to connect the modem to two things. the first one isa switch, I've got the d-link DES-1008D
    and the second thing is a wireless router USR 8054

    have I lost your? or you're still following?

    ok the modem will also have -in addition to the switch and wireless router- a direct connection to two computers.
    the switch will be connected to a printer network adaptor, and other computers.
    the wireless router will have computers accessing the internet wirelessly of course, and a VoIP will be connected through cable directly to it.

    I'm really confused with the UpLink thingy. in the past I had the wireless router connected directly to the switch at random port. but the whole network used to suffer sometimes from very low speeds and i had to shut it off.

    now can anyone please point me to the right direction?
    thanks for your time.

    and by the way, i've just made this diagram hopefully it would explain what I'm trying to do...
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    by the way... there seems to be no uplink port on the switch. does that mean its not supported?
    will i lose a lot of performance because of that?

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    Any port can be an uplink port. You say that sometimes your network (internet I am guessing) gets real slow and that unplugging the WiFi device solves this. So let me ask, is the wireless network secuered? If you have someone leeching your WiFi it will slow things down. You will also want to have the DHCP server turned off on the wireless router so you don't double NAT and create connection problems.

    Other than that I am not real sure what you are asking. Is the setup not all working? Do you just want to know if the setup will work as shown?

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    thanks for the reply.
    i'm just checking before I do anything wrong :\
    now the cable coming from the modem should go to the WAN port on the wireless router? I will disable DHCP (and I did disable it before, had set my own IP, and used WPA protection yet the internet got really slow). or should I plug the cable anywhere on the wireless router but NOT on the WAN port?
    and when I disable the DHCP on the wireless router, do I need to enter the IPs on the laptops/VoIP manually ?
    and finally, if I want to stop the broadcasting of the wireless router name (so other people wont be able to find id). How can I connect new computers to it? (using ip?)

    thanks a lot for your time

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    and another question...
    now the wireless router has the enabling and disabling the DHCP option... and has another option under the 'routing' section which allows me to disable and enable the NAT.

    so should I disable both? whats the difference between those two options? I thought we disable the DHCP so we have no NAT.

    and now that i've disabled both of those... will my computers be able to get their IP automatically? or do I have to create new ones? <<< and that is done in the router? (specifying the set of ips?)

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    bump. please help

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