..from the speed test here, a fully explained one, thankyou, i've got a NAT service, an inefficient one ( we all love Smart-wifi...) as taskmanager tells me i'm running at 0.9% of the available 100Mbs. Symptoms are speed tests that don't use my IP, and variable dl-uls that get throttled when good, 150kBs drops to 20 in 3 seconds, or when a local cybercafe comes on-line after school closes become disastrously low, like 2kB

..i've tried and am still trying the ISPs ports but so far nothing, all closed, (no not hacking, i'm trying to get out, not in) and the next step would appear to be resetting the TCP-IP on my machine.

.. in theory increasing the TCP_IP will enable me to use more bandwidth and so give better dl/uls , but this could be at the expense of other local users if i get too greedy, i'd settle for 5-10% tops of the advertised available. Is this correct ?

..technical stuff...Infra-Red transmit/receive with direct LOS on the target mast at 500m, computer HP Pav 512RAM on XP-pro, with in-built Realtek 100mbs capable