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Thread: router configuration

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    router configuration

    I have an adsl modem(Sagem F@st 800 E3) with a RJ11 port where i connect muy telephone line and 1 usb port which is connected to my pc. I want setup a network where i will be sharing the internet connection. So as per information gathered i will be a wireless adsl router/modem and wireless NICs.

    So my question is how will i connect the adsl modem to the adsl router/modem? Is there usb port or...?

    Secondly how should i configure the adsl router/modem, as it is wireless? Sould i connect it to a specific pc for the configuration?


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    Unless you have a RJ45 on that modem too then you won't be able to connect it to a modem.

    You might be able to do ICS or something like that, but it is a pain. I would look into getting a modem that has an RJ45 out so it just connects to the modem.

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    no i dontmy modem dont have a RJ45 port.

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    You mention a wireless modem/router....meaning you have a second unit that's a combination modem/router? If so...I'd use that instead of that usb-modem.
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