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Thread: Verizon DSL Antivirus and other protection proggies

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    Verizon DSL Antivirus and other protection proggies

    I have Verizon (Yahoo) DSL. Has anyone utilized their online protection proggies that they offer.

    I am currently using AVG 7.1 and hate to get rid of it to use Verizon's anitvirus program. For Spyware, I use Spybot, Spywareblaster, and Adaware.

    I am a little weary about trying it. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys.


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    KAV would be better than AVG

    Your spyware apps are great. I would also add ccleaner to the list, its more of a junk finder and registry cleaner, but its very good, and if you delete the junk before you do an adware scan, its less scanning the adware programs have to do.

    DL page for ccleaner without Yahoo Toolbar:

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    I also have ccleaner. Thanks YOS, I will look into that antivirus proggy.


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