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Thread: Would Router's firewall be enough protection ?

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    Would Router's firewall be enough protection ?

    Hello , I was just wondering ... I have a Trust 445A router with built-in firewall and also use Kerio firewall , I feel protected with both.

    But was curious whether the routers firewall would be adequate protection ?

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    A router will block all incoming attacks but not block any outgoing data, if you want to have complete control over what comes in and goes out of your pc then use both. If you are concerned with anything that is going out just use the router.

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    from my experience with a 2wire router some bad traffic does get through the firewall router, i know this because i have two firewalls i'm just a guy that likes to tweak. i saw my logs on my second firewall and saw some blocked packets from ip raging from china, japan, canda, ect. thier ip's showed they were trying to use ports that p2p software uses, atleast that wat the logs said. but i'm not a networking guru. i think ur best defence, in my opinion, is to use both hardware and software firewalls. and try not to piss ppl off on the internet

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