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Thread: New Linksys tool for wireless setup/management

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    New Linksys tool for wireless setup/management

    Taken from


    Linksys EasyLink Advisor Released
    I have to say that I'm rather proud to announce that Linksys has just released the Linksys EasyLink Advisor, aka LELA. I'm proud because several members were involved in the development beta phase of this software. LELA is a great little application to help you set up and maintain your new or existing wireless and wired network. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with third party firmware solutions, but if you frequently find yourself troubleshooting other's SOHO networks, this is a tool worth looking into. LELA can be downloaded at the Linksys EasyLink Advisor Download

    Read on for the full Press Release...

    Linksys Easy Link Advisor Helps Consumers Realize The Full Potential Of Their Wireless Networks

    LELA application provides an easy way to setup, view, manage, and repair your network while offering educational advice.

    IRVINE, Calif. – August 22, 2006 – LinksysŪ, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc., and the recognized leading global manufacturer of voice, wireless, and networking hardware for home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and small business user, today announced it has begun shipping the Linksys Easy Link Advisor (LELA) application on its Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster (WRT54GS).

    LELA is a PC-based software application that can simplify the setup and management of wireless networks. Linksys products with LELA can simplify wireless network installation, management, and monitoring, while providing recommendations and education to help customers realize the full potential of their network.

    “LELA offers consumers unique features that are great differentiators for the Linksys product line,” said Mani Dhillon, director of product marketing, Home Networking, Linksys. “As we add even more to the current functionality of LELA, Linksys will continue to set the standard for ease of use in home networking.”

    Network Setup
    When a user runs the installation CD included with a WRT54GS, LELA is automatically installed on that PC and the network installation process begins. There is no need for a separate installation of the network management tool. During installation, the user is asked to name the new network. No additional passwords or confusing networking terms are required after this step has been completed, eliminating up to 15 configuration choices from the installation process.

    LELA automatically checks the PC and network for existing conditions that may hinder the installation and resolves any potential conflicts. A series of flash presentations animates each step of the process for the consumer.
    For homes with a wireless network already in place, current settings can be transferred into LELA. With a simple click of a mouse, the application will locate and install any devices present on the current configuration to the new network. Additional new PCs and other wireless devices can be added to a network created with LELA via three methods:
    User download of an executable file from a web site to be run on new PC
    Transfer of an executable file from PC with LELA to be run on new PC
    Display of key wireless settings for manual input into wireless client interface on new PC or device
    When a network is created using LELA, a dynamic network map or Dashboard is created that provides an easy way to quickly view the status of devices on the network. Anytime a new Linksys device is added to the network, LELA will add it to the Dashboard. Technology-savvy users who like to further tailor the settings of devices on their network can access LELA’s advanced configuration pages with one simple click.

    If a device is not properly connecting to the network, the user can easily view the network map to determine where the problem originates. LELA also includes a network status box that provides real-time alerts regarding the status of the network. This area also offers wizards for troubleshooting and helping to repair any connectivity issues the user may notice on the network map.

    A section within LELA gathers and displays detailed technical information from various configuration pages. When a call to a Linksys technician is required to solve an issue, the user can now easily access the router model, firmware version, and password, along with both the LAN and WAN settings by clicking on the support tab.

    Expert advice on optimizing network performance and adding features is available within LELA. Users can learn how to maximize the capabilities of the products present in their networks with such applications as wireless printing, Voice over IP, and streaming digital media.

    Pricing and Availability
    LELA is a free application that currently ships with the WRT54GS and will soon be included with other Linksys router models. The application is also be available for download at"
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    Linksys ELA

    I agree. Linksys ELA is a great tool to be used. It is user friendly and it really shows a map of your network, even the advanced devices shows if they are configured correctly which makes its easier to track which one is offline. The printserver shows and its convenient for troubleshooting purposes. Wow! What a tool. Easy to use. Easy Link Advisor is cool.
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    I agree, as well. I used this when I had to upgrade my firmware and it took away all the worries of having to try to configure my laptop. I highly recommend this for those with a wireless Linksys router.
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    i m internet cable operator

    i have required information about internet wifi local area networking system in karachi Pakistan in our area buildings hight about 40 ft.
    there fore kindly sugesstion to me what kind of products i can deploye and how can i make internet local area netwok.

    because i cant know what kinds of products to utilize in high bandwith
    i wana to reach my wireless internet in home area every person catch signal from my network
    so plx give me sugession


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