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Thread: Direcway does NOT allow port forwarding ?? ??

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    Direcway does NOT allow port forwarding ?? ??

    I was setting up a NEW HN7000S for a customer yesterday and, once I had completed the setup, including her new static IP address, she informed me that she was going to be monitoring video cameras over the internet. She said that they had just setup a DVR on the network that I had configured and she asked if there was anything the camera people would need to know. I knew immediately she was going to need a port forwarded so I talked to the camera guys. They are using a DVR that has a web interface using port 8000. I setup the linksys WRT54G to forward port 8000 to a static ip address on the local network and thought I was finished. I tested the DVR's local address, and I could monitor the cameras without any problems. I then called an associate and had him try to access my static IP address, that was programmed into my WAN interface on my router, and he got no response. He couldn't even ping it. PINGs were NOT disabled on the router, so I was a bit curious. I then went to and noticed that my public IP address was different than the IP address I had setup on my WAN interface.
    I called Direcway tech support and talked to a couple of "advanced technician"s. They told me that Direcway masks my IP address for "security reasons" which is why reports a wrong address. I then asked them why I couldn't ping my router. He told me it was because my router was not properly configured. Finally he admitted to me that, once again for "Security reasons", none of my STATIC IP ADDRESSES at Direcway could be pinged, ONLY THE GATEWAY of my network was pingable. I then asked him about port 8000, and after much discussion (MUCH discussion) he told me that the STATIC IP addresses from Direcway weren't "routable". He said that is why I couldn't ping or forward ports through a router, even though it had a STATIC public IP address. I can't imagine a STATIC IP address from a major ISP NOT being able to forward ports, so I told him that I needed to see that in writing or talk to someone else that could verify that for me. He left me on hold for fifteen minutes while he searched through his documantation and NEVER found anything stating that they would not allow me to forward ports through.
    I asked him if he was saying that I couldn't host a webserver or ANY server behind a router on ANY IP address from Direcway and he only said that the IP addresses weren't "routable".
    I don't believe him. Is there ANYONE that has forwarded ports through a router behind a HN7000s on Direcway? My config is:

    Satellite dish -> HN7000S -> Linksys WRT54G with STATIC PULIB IP Addr. -> local network with NAT from Linksys.

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    I have the same problem

    I'm running into the same problem for a network I set up. I've installed a web/email server here, and I've set public DNS records to point here. No repsonse. I've allowed SMTP, HTTP, and DNS to pass through, but I still get nothing. I called HughesNet as well, after I tried to telnet the modem directly. They told me that if the machine wasn't directly connected to the modem, they wouldn't support my issue! I clearly explained to the man that I just needed ports 80 and 25 to pass through (to hell with DNS if I cant get it). Nothing.
    If anyone has this one figured out, PLEASE post an answer.

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    Got It!

    I found out what my issue was. I see the high probability that you're running into the same issue, so I'm posting my solution.

    First of all, make sure the Linksys is not getting it's IP dynamically. In otherwords In the opening page of the linksys control page, make sure the connection type is "Static IP". Not dynamic IP.

    The Static I recieved here was really 2 IPs. One is for Public IP, and one is for gateway. It's important to know which to use. I tried the wrong way before I got it right.

    Finally, make sure your using IP addresses for Static DNS servers. I set the domain name to the public domain name (although I suspect this doesn't matter).

    Good luck.

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    When we set up a system on a remote site we had to use one number up from the modems I.P. for the static I.P. of the client.

    I.E. x.x.x.5 for the modem

    x.x.x.6 for the router/client/server ect...

    the client is pingable...

    use the modems I.P. as the gateway I.P.

    I think the subnet was
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    I am trying to do something similar and am new to hughesnet. I am trying to view a dvr (security cameras) and have all of the port forwarding on my end correct. I have set this up at 3 other locations, so I am sure I have it correct internally. I was attempting to use to bypass having to buy a static ip from hughes. I was able to use noip to accomplish the same task at the other locations over a cable modem. Is there anyway to be able to use noip and hughes and see my cameras? BTW setup is Hughes 7000 to linksys wrt54g. Thanks.

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