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    1st Post Shinobi's Dial-Up ISP's

    On the East Coast.

    I have a free dial-up account with Juno, I get 52 Kbs.. not too shabby, they also have free email. Although they have a AD banner on top of your browser, and you get 10 hours per month.
    I do click on thier banner to give them some revenue..

    Also I have NetZero Free..
    (same as Juno, see above) I also get 52 Kbs... I was one of the first people to offer mass free account CD's to people back in the day when netzero was a brand new company, even though they are now owned by same company that owns Juno, United Online.
    Remember both of these are limited to 10 hours.
    Paid accounts have no banner.

    If you are looking for a good dial-up ISP and you are in New England, try Galaxy Internet. I use to have them before I switched to Verizon. Really reliable ISP, prices are good as well... Local Company up towards Boston, Ma.

    If you use any Free Dial up ISP for exception to Juno / NetZero (same company) Please list them here in this thread. I am very interested if there are any left after Juno/Netzero bought out the lot of them..

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