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Thread: Efficient 5851 SDSL Router Password?

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    Unhappy Efficient 5851 SDSL Router Password?


    I just got a Efficient Networks 5851 SDSL Router from a friend. The only problem is she doesn't remember the password. I've tried all the default ones from the net with no luck. I've tried resetting the factory defaults, but I still can't get the password. This model has a serial connection available, but I don't have the hardware for that. I can connect in via the browser but the default passwords dont seem to work.

    Is there anyone on these forums that has more expereince with these routers then myself? I would ever thankful if someone could give me some insight.

    Thanks guys,

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    If it's from SBC...they'll put a yellow sticker on the bottom with the password and LAN IP address.
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    I think her internet service was socket. There was no yellow sticker, just the stickers with the serial and the product key.

    I don't know how to access this blasted thing.

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    Is there no way to get inside the ADMIN panel of this router then? The defaults and the reset doesn't work.

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    open a telnet/console session. Hit the reset button until you see the "Recovery Mode" message on the screen. This will allow you to log in using the serial number on the bottom of the router for 10 minutes or so. It's under the bar code...just enter the numbers.

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