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Thread: WEP Encryption help!!

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    WEP Encryption help!!

    I tried securing our network more by adding a WEP encryption. I've got 4 computers in the house, and I got 3 set up with the new security. But one still won't work. I have the right network and it all configured right. It can find the network and connect to it. But then when I open internet explorer it can't find any of the pages. I've tried going to the internet settings on explorer and reconfiguring it and setting up a new network - won't work. I tried repairing the connection - doesn't work. Any other ideas that might work or anyone know what the problem might be? please help!!

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    WEP can be hacked in minutes, I would suggest using WPA or better yet WPA2 if your router supports it.

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    You're probably using 128 bit wep encryption & the card on the one that won't connect can probably only use up to 64 bit wep. Yes, wpa is bettert, neither are secure, both can be decrypted in no time at all.
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