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Thread: Dell laptop bringing down the network when wireless is enabled

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    Dell laptop bringing down the network when wireless is enabled

    Wireless Router - Linksys WRT54G v 1.1
    Problem laptop - Inspiron 1150 w/ Windows XP Home
    Wireless Card - Dell Wireless WLAN 1350 Mini PC Card

    The wireless network will work fine (1-4 other computers online usually, 1 wired, the rest wireless) until this laptop has it's wireless card enabled. Once this card is enabled, all other wireless connectivity to the network gets hosed.

    When the problem laptop is plugged into the router via a cable, all is good too and it and the rest of the computers work fine and can connect wirelessly. It's only when the wireless card is enabled on the problem laptop. It doesn't even have to be attempting to connect to the network, only enabled and searching for networks.

    Any ideas?

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    Hey Flashboski,
    I know this is more than a year later but i had a new HP dv2000 and dv2500 and every time it would connect to my wireless network it would crash the entire network (the wireless network would go down). All my other laptops could connect fine, until the HPs hopped on.

    After much frustration and trying different solutions I finally just changed the Wireless Channel on my Linksys BEFW11S4 from 6 (default) to 1 and now everything works smoothly...

    It doesnt seem like this should be physically possible but my guess is this only happens when there are many other Linksys routers on the same channel nearby (as is my case).

    Hope this helps anyone reading this.

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