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Thread: Wireless Router vs Access Point

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    Wireless Router vs Access Point

    I have a scenario like this, I have an existing wired router and modem in a Lan network. I would like to expend my network with wireless. Which hardware is suitable in order to connect to my existing network, Wireless Router or Access Point?

    Thank you
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    Access Point.
    I have same setup. I have a Linksys 8 port wired router and a Netgear AP plugged into one of the router ports. The AP is configured like this via the browser:
    1. static ip.
    2. turn off AP dhcp & let router assign dynamic ips to clients.
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    Defenetly AP

    I have the same setup - I used Wireless AP without any routing capabilities. Adding another wireless router will cause you only more problems with your setup. If your budget allows you then get a wireless AP and not wireless router.


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    I have a 3COM Office Connect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Router(3CRWER100-75) now. Can this device be configure to work as an AP?

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    Reconfigure the LAN IP of your 3COM to be in the same range as your main router..but outside the DHCP pool. Example...say your 3COM defaults to but your main router is your 3COM and reassign it to something like

    Disable DHCP on the do not want 2x different DHCP services on the same network

    Uplink the 3COM to your main router using a LAN port on each of will not use the WAN port of your 3COM.

    Now you can access it from a wired PC and finish setup of your wireless stuff like the SSID and security.
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    I did it and it is working. Thank you so much guys.

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