Hi. I hope you will be able to help on this one. I am new to the whole concept of Networking as well as routing. Unfortunately I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool on this one. The problem:
We have recently upgraded our DSL from capped to uncapped, with the result - We recieve a new (pre-setup) Cisco router. Our previous setup was a dsl router with DHCP to which all the computers were connected through a switch. The problem however is that with the new router, it cannot be done like that. I haave to set up a windows 2003 server to connect to the router and all the clients to connect to the internet via the windows 2003 server. I installed two network cards. The one is set up to connect directly to the router, whilst the other is set up to conect to the switch. I have set up the conection to the router to use the I.P., subnet and gateway (I.P. 196.211.109.x, Subnet 255.255.255.x, Gateway 196.211.109.x) as given by the service provider. I can connect to the internet without any problems. The second card I set up with a completely different I.P. address (The range we used on the previous network - I.P. 10.10.10.x, subnet 255.255.255.x, no gateway). DHCP does allocate the address range correctly with the I.P. address of the second network card (10.10.10.x) as the default gateway, but I am unable to connect to the internet or mail. Please help. Thank You.