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Thread: Building a tivo like multimedia pc

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    Question Building a tivo like multimedia pc

    Yeah I wanna build a pc for surfing the web and recording& pausing live hdtv shows. Is there a such a unit in the market place? or do i have to build it?.

    I cant stand damn commercials any longer and also would like to surf between the periods in a hockey game etc..

    TIA, Randy

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    That's the OS you want to use, personally I would build my own, but you can find Media Center pcs for sale at a reasonable price.

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    To avoid the cost of XP media center you can try linux's myth TV, there are debian prebuilt myth packages now, dunno if you care to dabble in that.

    Or get a HDTV tuner card(or tv in so you have the coax if its coming from a box) that comes with its own software.

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    Myth rocks - that's what I use.

    You can drop $1000-2 for a pre-built media center box. If you want HD be very careful when looking at their a/v options.
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    Yup there is but quite expansive

    and 2nd one is here

    I'M doing deals with the first company they rocks.
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