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Thread: WAN automatic setup for Outlook 2003?

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    Question WAN automatic setup for Outlook 2003?

    I am working within a WAN that has numerous facilities all with users that login to basically any free pc that they find.

    Is there a way to have outlook automatically configure for thier exchange mailbox?

    using roaming profiles through AD is not an option currently.


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    For mobile about OWA? Just seems like if they're very mobile..going throught the Outlook setup on all the PCs..building those OST files the first time in cached mode...I'd shoot for OWA first. Very quick..esp thorugh a WAN..and flexible.
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    We have OWA in place, but they want the full featured version locally. Is it possible to create some form of local policy for it?


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    PRF files are a common way to configure outlook profiles automatically. Try a search for it at

    For a third party solution you need to pay for try

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    Following djleed's lead... (no pun intended)

    You can create a custom MST install that uses the %username% variable for the mailbox. At my work our base workstation image has the custom Office 2003 installation with this variable as the mailbox account. Also handy in login scripts. You can also put in a vaild exchange server in the MST and it will populate it with the correct one upon the actual profile creation.

    If you have a current installation you'll can use the MS Office Resource Kit (ORK). This will allow you to create the MST as well as use the CIW custom installation wizard (for new installs) and the Custom Maintenance Wizard (previously deployed installs).

    Hope this helps...

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