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Thread: Static IP on Wireless Router

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    Static IP on Wireless Router

    I've got ZyXel Prestige 660RU-T1 ADSL2 Modem and been running great, I've set the static IP on that and on my laptop, now I recently bought a Wireless router D-Link DI524 and I plan to use both.
    Now the wireless wont work if the ZyXel modem is on static ip, but if I set it to Obtain IP Address automatically both will work.
    But I need static IP to make use of port forwarding.

    Please advice

    Thanks in advance

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    Your ZyXel is already a don't want to add another router to want to add an access point.
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    how do i make use of my wireless D-Link to work with Zyxel with static ip?

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    cascading of router

    If you will be cascading a router, they are actually a NAT firewall already.
    If you would cascade the router just make use of the first router as a gateway and the other will be on switch mode.

    like this:

    Modem >>> Router 1 [regular port] >>> [regular port] Router 2 >>> PC on static [E.g]

    Router configurations:

    Router 1:
    set as gateway mode.
    NAT firewall ON
    DHCP server on
    port forwarding done here:

    Router 2.
    set as router mode.
    NAT firewall and security OFF.
    DHCP server OFF.

    Hope it helps.
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    Sorry to be stupid or newbie but How do I set the router to "Gateway Mode" and "Router mode"?
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    Problem using ISP allocated Static IP address behing DI-524 Router

    I just bought Block of Static IP address from my ISP i intend to allocate these IP's to computer on my LAN, but when i do this it does not seems to work execpt if i leave to the router to allocate IP address to PC on the LAN Dynamically. i cud also albe to assign static IP to the router, can anyone help me out?

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