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Thread: wireless internet problems

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    wireless internet problems

    Got a new Dell about 6 months ago. Set up wireless internet and was able to connect to the internet using public access locations. I do not have my own wireless provider. One day these connection were unavailable. My wireless internet card is enabled, but I get the message "unable to connect to the internet - make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on"

    Link Status - Radio Disabled But under wireless networks Enable Radio is checked

    All diagnostic checks passed

    Please help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Running windows XP
    Dell wireless 1370 WLAN mini PCI card rev 4.2
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    I'd double check to see that the wireless NIC is Device Manager, and depending on your laptop..there are often "hot keys" to power your wireless NIC on and off.

    And make sure the wireless connection is not disabled in internet connection properties.
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