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    i am looking to upgrade to a new pc or mac . either way this pc is still pretty new, the gateway gt5032 , best buys attempt to sell a gamming tower . i know dont buy factory pc unless you know you could modify it to your needs . but i did this because i plan to let my mother have this one to replace her paperwieght of an early nineties E- machine . i have wireless internet , the wrt54gv5 , and would like to know if going with a mac and / or new router would be an intelligent investment with what i have ? would the mac need a new router and would it run this machine as well? and what kind of mac would i need . i am looking to get into some gamming ,massive file transfers between the computers , and just overall bandwidth consumption. basically i know little of the great mac and need some advice from you seasoned pro's @ SG . thanx guys\girls.

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    I've moved this to a different fourm. This one gets more attention, Mr. qwerty. Hopefully you'll get some opinions soon.

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    If I was looking to buy a PC for gaming right now, I would wait till the end of the year. Early next year PC's will ship with Vista.
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    thanx down hill , hey 64 . so you see the avatar , thanx again . i think i will just have a custom pc built i want to leave room for internet 2 if it hits small towns soon enough .

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty on my forehead
    i am looking to get into some gamming
    Then a Mac isn't for you.

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