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Thread: Trojan Downloader.Generic

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    Trojan Downloader.Generic

    I fixed a clients PC yesterday (took about 4-5 hours) due to it having 120+ viruses. Had that Adware.Virtumondo crap on there, what a pain. Got it all cleared off, made sure her Dialup was working (MSN), no more viruses, etc.

    She called me last night and said AVG (what I installed for her) popped up that a virus was on there. Im thinking, oh man how could I have missed it. She said she opened her emails and went through them to delete them when it popped up. Well theres your problem. (Its not on me anymore, is it?). Gave her instructions on removal in safemode, since she said when she will hit Delete via AVG, it comes right back within 5 seconds.

    Did I do ok just giving her instructions for safemode deletion? Or should I be obligated to make the fix again? SHe also mentioned it popped up a Rundll could not be executed type of error. Never seen that when working on it. Hate when this happens, dont want them thinking I screwed em over.
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    I would tell her to do a free online scan from BitDefender.

    P.S. In the future you should look at using AntiVir Anti-virus, it's also free and has a much better detection rate than AVG.

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