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Thread: Internet sharing problem on a network - help please

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    Internet sharing problem on a network - help please

    I am suddenly having a problem on my client machines, but not on my host (server) machine.

    I have star connect satellite internet service for my ISP.

    When the host (server) machine is connected to the internet via satellite and I am surfing the internet on any client machine, 98% of the time when I go to a page, I get the page can not be displayed - check you network/internet connections message. If I hit reload, the page loads up. Also, when a page does load, the images are often broken. This does not happen on the host (server) machine at all. Everything works as it should.

    If I disconnect from the satellite and share out dial up, everything works fine on all machines, but of course is slow.

    This used to work perfectly. My host (server) machine is frozen, so nothing on it has changed, but even so, I loaded up the satellite software and hardware on a different machine and tried it and get the same results, so it is not my server that is the problem. I have also switched out my Network Switch and that didn't help.

    I have a Lynksys 8 port switch that I use to network my machines. I also have a Lynksys wireless router so I can use my laptop on the wireless. The rest of the machines are wired. I have eliminated the wireless router and tested the rest of the machines and still have the same problem, so it is not the wireless router.

    All machines, including my server machine have windows XP.

    I am using internet connection sharing.

    I have tried this with the windows firewall turned on and off on the host machine and off on all the clients and still get the same results.

    I called my ISP and they told me they don't offer support on networking issues, and since it works on the host machine they can't help beyond that other than to make sure I am sharing out the right adapter, which I am. They don't think they have changed anything on their end to cause the problem.

    I have messed with the MTU a little bit becase someone suggested to me that might be the problem, but I don't see any difference.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This is making me batty!



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    Disable ICS and connect your router to the Internet connection. Wire your computers into the router. If you need to use a userid or password to connect to your provider, do it through the router which can be accessed by any computer connected to it. If it's a Linksys, type into your browser's address line and enter the password (admin) and no userid on most (but not all) Linksys routers. For other routers, see the manual.
    If you have more than 4 machines, uplink a switch to the router for additional ports.
    You could then use the wireless features of the router for any wireless devices. Be sure to use all available security measures.
    Good luck.

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    I will give that a try.

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