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Thread: 0-60 in 1.67 secs,270 mph tops.

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    0-60 in 1.67 secs,270 mph tops.

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    Holy sweet mother of Jesus...

    Mine goes 0-60 in about 3.5 and tops out around 195ish (revs limiter raised + power)

    thats just crazy.
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    It may be faster than the Veyron, but it's nowhere near as sleek and sexy! The rear is horrendous!
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    Hi G-IcE

    It has a kinda KitCar look to it imho, but its faster than Paris Hilton on a Saturday night. Wow!!!



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    I think its a load of horse-poo. The Veyron has 1000 hp and manages 252 mph, and it is DESIGNED for top speed. Lots of work went into the Veyron to bust the 400kph barrier. I just don't see a Noble/Saleen S7 ripoff making 270 mph a reality. I looked at the website and the engine pic is a small black chevy, twin turboed. Yeah, that can make 1000mph all day long. Problem is that for whatever reason the designers are thrilled it has coil-on-plug ignition....and the pic they show has a MSD distrubutor. Hmmmm.

    I know of a few race cars that have hit 260+ on the Mulsanne Straight, and those were aerodynamic cars with in excess of 1200hp.

    Also, 1.67 seconds? WHATEVER. An AWD rally car with 600+ hp that weighs 1800 pounds can manage low 3s, high 2s. Keep in mind that rally car is TRACTION limited the entire time. 0-60 in 1.67 seconds means you are going from standstill to 60 in 72 feet....not bloody likely unless you have buckets of VHT and crinklewall tires. Load of bunk.
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    yeeep, looks like a kit kar and hell, they put dat daggum stearrun wheel on tha wrong siiide!

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    Yeah I'd say it's having special tires like pull those launch times.
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