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Thread: Maximum Length of Ethernet Cable.

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    Maximum Length of Ethernet Cable.

    What is the longest ethernet cable you can lay without losing connection. I linked two houses, but it isnt reaching the other house. I put a switch in the middle, but i think i need one more. Is there any kind of signal booster?

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    The longest total length for ethernet is 100m, or just a bit over 300 feet. That is for pure cable lengths between any device that would regenerate the signal, such as a switch or hub. The problem is if the signal is to degradded by the time it reaches the device it can't be regenerated properly.

    How far of a distance do you need to connect?

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    If your distance requires more than 330 feet of cable...go with coax to link the buildings.
    Or do a wireless bridge.
    Can snag a pair in an existing phone line that runs between them..and get a 10 meg connection...I've done that before.
    The more expensive alternative....fiber.
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    I need to test the signal and measure the length. I put a cable in between, but not sure which side is to long. I will work on it this weekend. I just want to make sure if it lights up on the switch on both sides that means its a sucess, or would i better of using my laptop?

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