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Thread: DSL Connection dropping randomly

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    I am having this same problem only mine seems to be all the time now. 'Top Techs' have been out multiple times checking inside and outside...checking all jacks...running line tests to and from outside pole running inside test and it seems to not drop when they come except for once he tried surfing the net and after 10 min it dropped. But, when I am on most of the time it drops much sooner than that. I just moved here in April and keep having this issue plus they upped my speed to the next higher package but, now I have les mbps its very frustrating. All lines are new its newly remodeled (besides they checked all lines and went up in attic checking) I am about to lose my mind they sent me a new 2wire just incase it was the modem but issue is still present I am so tired of this...I had the lower speed for years before I moved and never had this problem.

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    Oh and they said they did a noise reduction on my line.

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    Do a tracert to and post.
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