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Thread: Problem with wireless connection (D-Link DI-524+)

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    Problem with wireless connection (D-Link DI-524+)

    Hi all,

    Currently i am based in Singapore.. am on a cable service with bandwidth up to 4000Kbps.

    When doing a direct connection to cable modem, doing a bandwidth test, i am getting roughly 3.8Mbps - 3.9Mbps. Going direct via my D-Link router, i am also getting the same results from bandwidth test.

    However, the moment i try to do a wireless connection, the bandwidth test gives me a result of only 1.2Mbps - 1.25Mbps. Is there any setting i can do to improve my wireless connectivity?

    I have tot of changing my MTU settings but am not home yet.. can any kind soul advise?? Thanks!

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    can anyone advise??

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    any advice??

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    Depends on which model is is...and if the firmware is up to date.
    Also depends on which make/model wireless NIC you're using..some brands mix well with others..yet some brands don't get along well with others.
    Make sure you're connecting to your WLAN, not someone elses
    Try changing wireless performance varies TREMENDOUSLY from location to location dependong on many different environmental variables.
    Level of encryption...none is faster, but clearly not secure. Old WEP has a heavy performance hit. Newer and more secure WPA has less of a performance hit.
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