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Thread: Some information is needed

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    Some information is needed

    I came across on a special term “hardware profile”; I have no definite idea on this topic. Any one who has some info on this topic just help me on this topic.

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    My Computer > Properties > Hardware > hardware Profiles

    I never change it though.

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    You can set Windows to load certain devices, and disable others...and save that configuration as a hardware profile.

    Used to use it a lot back in the Win9X days...for laptop users, traveling on the road (use a modem), or in the office (use a docking station, big external monitor...hence certain desktop resolution, printers, network card).

    It's still present in WinXP..but to be honest, I don't find it useful anymore because since 2K and especially XP...they adapt just fine to whatever situation they're in.
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    Never used it myself, but can see some advantages to setting up different profiles for hardware.

    For instance, if I were to share a PC with a teenager, I would definitely disable the sound card in thier profile.

    Someone may want to set up a hardware profile suited more for gaming, than surfing.

    eg: Why have a TV tuner card's drivers load, USB support, and a network when you want all the ram you have for 'lets say', audio editting or something that needs none of the mentioned hardware.

    Like YOSC said, you can setup different profiles to either enable or disable specific hardware.

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