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Thread: Dual Router Question

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    Dual Router Question

    I decided to bail on the VLAN idea since It would not provide me what I need to do. I connected 2 routers together (WRT54GS V1.0 and WRT54GL v 1) both are running DD-WRT v23 Sp1 final. the main router is connected to cable modem and is 10.1.x.x, the second router is connected to that one and is Ip'd as 192.168.x.x. Both subnets can connect to the internet and cannot see one another via My Network Places. What I need to do now is set up the second router so that it is not acting as a DHCP server, so that I can use my server 2003 DC as a DHCP and DNS server. I am assuming that the only thing that I will need to do is assign a static IP to the server, and disable DHCP on router #2, and leave everything else as is, run DCPROMO and configure the server. Once the server is all set I can set local DNS on router #2. I am also planning on configuring an Exchange server ( to learn more about Exch 03). I am migrating back to DSL and will have a static IP. Will there be any issues with my forwarding the necessary ports on the main router so that mail can come in and go out. I got a host name via go daddy. I just want to make certain that I am not missing anything.

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    I don't like double NAT'ing...I avoid it like the plaque...but for just SMTP, sticking port 25 in might work.

    You'll need to static IP the WAN of router 2..something like Then static IP the WAN port of your multi-homed server box.. that's plugged into a LAN port of the second router, something like

    So on router'll have port 25 forwarded to On router #2, you'll have port 25 forwarded to Your MX record will point to the static IP your ISP gives you.

    Your servers DNS forwarders will point to your ISPs 2x DNS servers, DHCP and your servers clients will..well..see the following.

    Although...what can't the port based VLAN do for you? I'd still favor that approach.
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