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Thread: Internet connection problems driving me nuts

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    Internet connection problems driving me nuts

    I have a big problem with my internet connection that is driving me mad.

    A few weeks ago when online playing games my network connection would drop after a few minutes. The odd thing is I can still browse the net I just have to reload the page or something similar.

    I am an avid CS and CoH player so this is a major problem for me.
    I was told it could be a networking issue something I had uninstalled on the network or my PC which causes the connection to time out, while waiting for a response from something that is no longer there.

    I just re- built my system with a fresh install of XP pro (inc SP2) on a different HD. I also upgraded the firmware on my router, installed a new Network card and a new Cat 5 cable. This did not cure my problem.

    The connection when it works is great I was getting 542KB a second earlier today while updating the newly installed CoH. It is just the long term connection that is a problem.

    I am starting to think it could be either my Router or my ISP.

    Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

    My set-up is as follows

    Epox KT600 Mobo
    AMD 2600XP+
    2 Gig of Hynix DDR400 (2 X 1GIG Dimms)
    Various HDs only 1 with any operating system.
    Nvidia 6800 GT VGA card
    Seperate NIC (PCI) (mobo one a bit problemsome many moons ago)
    Seperate 3 X Firewire card (PCI)
    Inside a Coolermaster case with 2 PSUs a 480 Hiper power type R powering Mobo and VGA and a 600 Watt no name powering drives.
    1 X LG multiwrite DVD RW
    1 X Aopen DVD Rom

    Router is a Netgear DG814 ( built in ADSL modem and hardware firewall)

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Well I have tried a second PC on the same router and the same thing happens. This confirms it is my router or ADSL connection then.

    So anyone have any ideas?

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    Well I hounded my ISP for a while but they wanted me to try a new router.

    I eventually got hold of another router and all is now fine.

    My old router must have been worn out.

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