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Thread: Another FAST WIRED, VERY SLOW WIRELESS question ?!

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    Arrow Another FAST WIRED, VERY SLOW WIRELESS question ?!

    Hi, I've been playing with this for while and can't figure out the problem..
    Someone please help!


    Laptop(Dell1300 with 1430wireless) running XP PRO
    Latest drivers loaded
    Firewall disabled

    Trendnet 432BRP router (firmware v1.0, none newer available)
    Security : WPA-PSK
    Connection is made at 54MBPS.

    Internet : 10mbps, and if I'm wired I'll reach this speed.

    Signal strength : excellent! (the router is 3 feet away from the laptop)
    Wireless I get 40kbps at best, which is around 4-5kb/s.
    If I disable wpa, thus no security, then I get 10kb/s.. Which still is pretty bad.. I've tried channels 1-3-5-7-11, no change. I've changed the network name (SSID I think) to something original.

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    PS. I've searched for threads relating to this issue and didnt find anything useful.. Sadly..

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    The first thing I would do is try another laptop wirelessly to rule out the laptop being the issue.

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    Yes.. I will.. It's just that I dont have any spares on hand.. But I'll try to take my laptop to a friend's house and see whats going on..

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    Great, then post back and we can troubleshoot from there.

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    Looks like you've covered the basics...unique SSID, tried different channels (1, 6, and 11 are the main ones to try), latest firmware, XPsp2, etc.

    The suggestion of trying your laptop on another network is hunch is it's the router, honestly I'm not fond of Trendnet as a brand...I don't know what the hardware specs are on this router...(CPU and RAM)..but I'll wager it's on the low side. Only other thing I can think of to relocate the rourt. Not knowing where it's located..what's nearby, that may be causing interference...wireless performance is very much a huge variable due to environmental factors. The same brand router and laptop can perform great in one area/building, yet have the most difficult time if you try it at another location/building. I'm exeriencing an unusual situation like that...I setup wireless networks for a chain of physical therapy offices around New England. Same brand tablet PCs and routers across all of them..similar to what I usually setup for clients as far as brand/models..which 99% of the time work great. Yet this one office...driving me nuts, located in this little mall area. And I expected it to be one of the most problem free when I set it it's high vaulted ceilings with open beam architecture. Constant battles..every few months I have to change channels, they complain of the wireless just flat out dropping. Last week I even switched the router to a new Linksys wrv200 unit..I'll see how that does.
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    Well, I tried my laptop at on a friend's network and everything worked great! I was ul/dl at full speed. Which means my router is at fault and not my new laptop.

    I then proceeded to start trying different combinations of settings on my router and I think I might have found a decent config.

    1- WPA-PSK was the main problem. Without any security I'm able to get a 1.5mbit transfer speeds. Not fantastic, but better than the 0.003mbps I was getting.. I'm now using a WEP 128 bit.

    2- Under the advanced settings for my router, there is field called Tx rates (MBPS). This was set to auto by default. There are 11 possible values ranging from 1 to 54, plus the auto. I tried setting it to 54, and was able to surf at 2mbps. After fiddling around with these, I found that setting it to 12 allowed me to surf at 3.5mbps. I tried an ftp file transfer test, directly from my ISP and got a download rate of 680kb/s (=5.4Mbps).

    I think I might have maxed out, or can I squeeze anymore juice out of my network?

    Here is a printscreen of my friend's router settings, which are all at default.. I have these on my router, standard stuff I guess. Perhaps I can optimize in here?!

    In any case, I really must thank you guys for even reading, let alone answering my post.. Often, but understandably, noobs are ignored in a way words can't describe...
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