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Thread: Friends computer problem

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    Question Friends computer problem

    The font is fuzzy..... heres what happens as she said to me

    shes running win xp and I told her to adjust her font setting but she said she can see the proporties, than general and nothing else?

    1. when i first boot up it not there it starts within about 30 mins
    2. it appears to be very random
    3. it first started when i got the computer (and it is brand new) and my friend came and sorted it by installing avg, ad adwawre and a firewall it stopped doing it for about 2 weeks then done it again so i done all the cleaning files on it and it was fine every now and again it does it but everytime i clean it is fine but this time it wont sort its self out it has been doing it for about a week now and ive cleaned it everyday it works ok for 2/3 hours then starts again.
    nothing other than that has changed
    4. yes the text in all applications are affected ( even games)
    5. yes my anti-virus is up to date
    6. yes if i reboot it goes away but for only 30 mins

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    tell her to diable system restore & then do a full cleaning with those program when booted in safe mode.
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    *dumb as a rock here*

    Is it possible to update the graphics card and monitor drivers?
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    Hi, thank you, I will pass the information along.

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