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Thread: Memory leak causing high pings/full router cache?

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    Memory leak causing high pings/full router cache?

    I'm curious about how memory leaks in video games affect pings and router cache; a game I play with some friends has a memory leak problem that causes ping spikes for only one of us, but none of the others.
    His ISP customer service said that the memory leak was definitely causing the problem, and that his router cache appeared to be getting full from the game.
    Is there any way to help this problem without fixing the memory leak?[though I wish I could fix the leak]

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    Replacing the ram is probably the simplest solusation
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    Many home grade routers get their CPU and RAM overwhelmed when running P2P downloading programs...because of all the concurrent connections they bring along with them. Before gaming.....try power cycling the router..that should clear the RAM.

    Else...I've not seen gaming bog down the RAM on routers....gaming isn't too overwhelming on them when talking about one or two or several players.

    Try getting the latest firmware on the router.

    Manually set the MTU on the router, 1500 for cable and bridged DSL, 1492 for PPPoE DSL.

    As for the memory on your workstation....hard to answer that one. First..make sure your system is clean, optimized, free from spyware, etc. Some software firewalls are big CPU and memory pigs. Some antivirus programs also. And...depends on the game....and settings. Some games run best online if you have lots of RAM, the Battlefield series for the very minimum you want 512 megs..ideally at least a gig of RAM. Then there are your "in game settings"...what connection rate you tell the game to set to. If it's too will stress your connection...resulting in lag-o-meter. Try lowering the rate settings. And...resolution also...try lowering it a notch.
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    MTU is at 1500, and it does have the latest firmware; in fact I made sure he followed the TCP optimizer from this site.

    The game isn't a very taxing one, and the computer is a decent one. There are no connection settings offered by the game.
    Though I'll have him try reducing the graphics; it's not like it can hurt.

    I noticed I forgot to mention something that may be important; he doesn't constantly have a spiked ping. It gets the worst when he summons; which would just be bringing more things into the game; and also when there are very intense periods with a lot of player involvement (He says he usually has problems if there are more than 8 people in the game)

    But I would have never have thought to have him power cycle his router, so that's next on the list...
    I'll let you know how it goes, and thanks for the reply.

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