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Thread: laptop locking up from inserting pc card

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    laptop locking up from inserting pc card

    i just ordered a new wireless pc card and everytime i insert it into the slot the entire computer freezes up. its never done this before and it worked fine when i just bought it. i'm using windows xp home sp2 on an ECS built laptop. with a celeron 1.8 512mb

    any help would be awesome

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    Check the slot for bent or worn pins, and possible debri. Same for the card.

    Is it considered normal to plug one of these cards in while the Laptop is running?

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    Yes, you should be able to plug in a PCMCIA card while the computer is running and it should detect it without any problem. This could be hardware related, have you tired any other cards on your PCMCIA port before?
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    I bet it's a Dlink card?

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