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Thread: Net Neutrality...

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    Net Neutrality...

    Thanks to the greedy politicians in Washington, it failed....again.

    I watched some of the debate on C-SPAN last night...utterly disgusting. No matter what arguments were made, all you heard was MONEY, MONEY, MONEY from these politicians. At one point, some Republican hack was whining about VoIP being free of the Universal Service Charge crap we already see on our phone bills. Aww, too bad, a-hole, you have to do with less money?

    A two-tier internet IS coming, specifically designed to limit access to certain types of information and sites containing that information. It's the American version of Chinese content control, but packaged differently enough so that our dopey-ass public won't know what's happening...that is, until they try to access their favorite alternative media news site or other "premium" bookmark and find they have to pay more to view it.

    A lot of these elitist politicians HATE the fact that we are free to view information from diverse sources and discuss events online, that bloggers can freely criticize without editorial filters and catch their dirty little secrets...they want to rein it in any way they can. And they are. And they will. The free-for-all nature of the internet is dying, all because we dare to explore ideas beyond what the evening news or corporate newspaper feed us. The serfs have had it too good for far too long, and the lords want their power back.

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    The response to my e-mail to Senator Dayton...the other never even responded

    Thank you for contacting me regarding network neutrality, a principle
    which would ensure that all content over the Internet, no matter where it
    comes from or where it goes, be treated equally.
    The debate in Congress over network neutrality is whether this industry
    needs specific regulations that preserve that principle. Internet
    operators or providers, such as telephone and cable companies that offer
    access to the Internet, want the right to charge Internet content
    providers, such as Google and, certain rates for certain
    speeds of content, video for example, on their web sites.
    The Internet content providers argue this is discriminatory and
    anticompetitive and would suppress free speech. They also argue that the
    high cost would make it impossible for new Internet content providers to
    survive. On the other hand, the telephone and cable companies argue that
    consumers alone should not have to bear the cost of infrastructure that's
    needed to provide high-speed access to the Internet and its content.
    Legislation – S. 2686 and S. 2917 – has been introduced in the Senate to
    address network neutrality. Should either Bill come to the Senate floor,
    I will keep your views in mind.
    Thank you for taking the time to be in touch with me. Please contact me
    again, if I can be of assistance in any way.

    My best regards.


    Mark Dayton
    United States Senator
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    actually i am glad this did not get passed.

    All it would have done is introduce govt legislation onto the internet. We dont need that and should be a free market. Right now free market is working why break it? The govt does not understand how technology such as VOIP and traffic shaping even works and I rather they not legislate more then it has to.

    All this would have helped is the big guys such as google and microsoft. Why do you think they were so behind it? Most ISP's wont be dealing with traffic shaping with specific sites, it way too much work and money to iplement and if we have a free market why choose an ISP that would do that over another? If anything free market has helped our speeds increase for example on Time Warner and other cable ISP
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    They were doing a law to keep it all a level playing field, so that ISPs cannot charge for it. Now the big guns have the advantage.

    You have it mixed up.
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    At least they passed the COPE act to help AT&T and Verizon get into the TV business faster which should also include FIOs. Cable rates are getting pretty high. Just hope the Telcos would now start building outside the rich areas.
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