hey guys i'm having a problem accessing files on my XP Pro computer from a XP Home laptop and two other XP Pro desktops. I'm using ZoneAlarm...but ive never had a problem with sharing files. I can see the network shares and the files inside the folder i'm sharing, but things such as program setup files or music files i can't use it and says Access Denied or windows media player says it can play it. ive never had a problem and i don't know what the hell went wrong.

In easier words:
1 centralized computer (XP Pro) for music/program setup files
1 XP Home laptop can't use the files being shared
2 XP Pro's can't use the files being shared

I can see the files and everything, but can't use it. Whats wrong?

EDIT: From my centralized comuter i can access any files i have on the laptop and other desktops