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Thread: internet connection dropping - charter

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    The recieve light has been going out when actively using the internet between 2-20 min.. Modem is in normal parameters, tech came out, replaced a loose connection.... problem NOT solved. called.. guy sed modem out of synch, resynched.. problem NOT solved. Any1 else have any ideas? I think it's just the internet dying b/c alot of hubs are just not being serviced..... OR it's just reality sneaking in and sayin' "you ain't 'spose to be doin what yer doin' with a computer.. it's science fiction to be able to watch movies and tv like this"

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    I think you may be closer to the truth than you think. I am still having issues with my internet just losing its connection for no reason and have to reboot my modem and router almost every day.

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