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Thread: How to Setup a Home Network ~Pls advise

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    How to Setup a Home Network ~Pls advise

    Hi all,

    Been trying to setup a home network. But juz cant seem to get it to work properly. Hope u guys/gals could offer me some advice. The details of my network as follows:

    Linksys Router Wireless + Ethernet
    Telcom Ethernet Modem

    New Computer
    Pentium 4
    OS Win XP Home Edition
    Ethernet Cable to router

    Old Computer
    Pentium 3 733 MHz
    OS win XP Pro Edition
    Wireless Card to router

    Tried using the Network Setup Wiz for both the comps, namely as old computer and new computer on MSHOME network name (selecting continue w/o creating network disk), working on the selction connecting to internet via a gateway option. After the setup, on old computer, i am able to view and share files from the new computer folder. But on the new computer, I am able to view the old computer folders in network but it said i do not have assess rights to view the files. Is there anyway i could make this work?

    Does anyone knows if there are any links whereby they have steps-by-steps instructions on how to setup a home network. Appreciate its lots.
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    So you have it working perfectly you just need to give the other computer access to the folder you want. So on the old computer right click a folder and choose sharing and security.
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    Your problem is that XP Home and Pro do file sharing differently. Home uses Simple File Sharing, it enables the guest account and uses that to allow/deny access to files and such. Pro likes to use a more complex, but more secure method.

    On the pro computer just choose which folders you want to share, and who has access to them. If you just want to share a folder to anyone and everyone, not such a bad thing on a small workgroup in a home, just right click on the folder and choose the sharing option. Then from there enable sharing, and allow everyone access to it. See if that helps the problem.

    If not go to the folder options menu (under Tools in My Computer) and make sure you are using Simple File SHaring on both computers. This isn't the most secure model, but if you just are on a home network and want to allow the stuff to be shared by everyone or nobody it works well enough.

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