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Thread: How much do you think I can sell my system for

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    How much do you think I can sell my system for

    Well, unfortunately I am moving and will not have enough room for my computer anywhere.... so I was wondering how much I could MAYBE get for it on the internet or something

    Asus p4p800 deluxe mobo w/ gigabit LAN
    450w PSU
    p4 3.2 HT 800 fsb
    1gb geil golden dragon pc3200 dual channel hand picked 3-3-6 overclocked
    80 gb WD HD
    ATI Radeon x850 pro modded to XT PE runs at 520/540 with NO problems whatsoever. Only used for about a month
    Cooler Master Cavalier 3 case, with opening front panel, fan controller for the video card AND the cpu, two extra 120mm fans, 3 extra 80mm fans
    spark 7 HSF, goes up to 6500 rpm
    17 inch hp monitor, altec lansing 5.1 speakers with sub
    sound blaster live 5.1 sound card
    liteon 52x dvd/cd/r/rw drive, 8x cdrw drive, all rounded cables
    Asus p4p800 Deluxe Mobo - Pentium 4 3.2 @ 3.6 - Thermaltake Spark7 HSF - Geil Golden Dragon PC3200 - ATI Radeon x850 XT PE 256mb - Maxtor 120 GB 8mb cache - Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 - Altec Lansing 5.1 Sattelites w/sub - Cooler Master Cavalier 3 case

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    I would say about $500-600

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    You likely won't be able to sell it as a complete system online, maybe locally. Also, does it comes with Windows? People are more likely to buy a complete system if the OS is included.

    Parted out, maybe around $600 or so, but you have to cover shipping.

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    have you considered the alternative?

    switch to a smaller case and a LCD.
    Strap It On Whenever It Seems Appropriate

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    You should start at $700 and go no lower than $550. The p4 3.3 GHZ CPU, ASUS P4P800 along with the 17" Monitor should do it for you.

    Nice Specs

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