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    Every normal man must be tempted at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
    I often wonder if the voices in my head ever get frustrated because I'm just too damn lazy to climb that clock tower.
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    it really is a great networking resource....I use it for keeping track of bands and music.

    I was real Anti myspace too, thought it was for kids or whatever, but it can be useful.

    Sure you have the sicko's that look for girls, and the punk kids that post about school shootings, or beating up kids/teachers/whoever, but i guess that's just a sad fact of humanity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by De Plano
    But do you think there is a way to do it without getting all that spyware crap, or is it just imbeddded in the myspace programming. Maybe it is just the people who use it aren't that smart about all the other things they dl?

    Just curious

    well, its a varying degree of course. i dont necessarily see it as being myspace in particular, its just that kind of scenario....very popular site for the non-techie type (or in addition to techies i mean) coupled with available downloads and such determined by the people with spaces/links. pretty much a portal to eventual destruction for the typical person with computer and net connection.

    all i tell people when they get their computer back is (knowing that not using myspace is out of the question for them) "your likelyhood of getting infected is directly proportional to your vigilance and discretionwhen it comes to antivirus/anti malware definitions (and SCANS!) and not clicking 'yes' to every popup window that comes up".

    i personally dont have a problem with parusing myspace, and do see its value. i just wouldnt recommend it to people who have curious tendencies and AV definitions that are 16 months old.
    "Today is a black day in the history of mankind."

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