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Thread: is this worth it? (indoor amp)

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    is this worth it? (indoor amp)

    while searching around for a cheap amplifier i happened to find this:

    ARG 1105 Series
    Indoor 2.4GHz Remote Bi-directional booster

    The Arg 1105 series is a bi-directional indoor amplifier for use with 2.4GHz radio and wireless LAN equipment. Consisting of a low noise receiver pre-amplifier and transmit power amplifier. The Arg1105 offers significant increases in operating range and performance.

    i cant really afford the other type of amplifiers since 250mw is like $200.

    is this worth it? will it make a difference?

    i currently use a Hyperlink 24dbi parabolic antenna by itself and i am hoping an amp would help me.

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    You've already using a high-gain antenna, I suppose the next logical step would be an amp.

    You can boost the transmit power on some routers as the Linksys WRTG series with third-party firmware as well...

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